I have this model, but the screen has a Crystal Eye camera in it. Thanks for the pictures, I just repaired an Acer Z. I have serious trouble with it. All I had to do was remove the little rubber pads and tighten the screws. There are some cracks on top left edge of the screen casing.

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I thought my right hinge was beginning to break. You can find them in Acer category in the right sidebar. Hi, i have an acer aspire laptop.

Andy, my question is this: Where can I find a new hinge for the Aspire Z model? I have a Dell Inspiron laptop, and the hinge on the right side acer extensa 4620 crystal eye popped out towards me about a centimeter.

Replacing broken hinge in Acer Extensa 4620z

This was a very informative post — exactly what I needed. In Step 8 Picture you can see a black color wire. I have an Acer Extenza z, which now has a dead cooling fan, causing the internal temps to rocket and eventually BSOD the laptop. I am adding this comment in case anyone is searching for info on an Acer Travelmate hinge replacement.

When removing acer extensa 4620 crystal eye rubber covers, only remove the 4 in the corners. Thanks Yogi, And thanks to the creator of this page.

Many months ago, the hinges on my were getting a little tight, so I put some oil on the crhstal pins. If I pinch the top left side of the screen casing acer extensa 4620 crystal eye goes back to normal. The third hole for a screw was removed when removing the bezel and keyboard cover.

Not the camera obviously. Thanks for the pictures, I just repaired an Acer Z. Other than that, they are pretty similar. Now I can not close it.

acer extensa 4620 crystal eye Dear readers, it takes countless hours to create content for this site and keep it up and running. I saw these pics and found my emachines D to be nearly identical. Hi, I have an Acer Extenza Z crysfal cooling fan needs replacing.


It give me some confidence that I can do this at home! Acer extensa 4620 crystal eye you pls help me. Replacement screws were not available for anything close to a reasonable price, so I went to the local hardware store and found suitable substitutes that were slightly smaller and longer, but came with matching nuts.


My father, without telling me, placed a flashdrive near the hinge and I tried closing it. If I buy a replacement screen without the crystal exensa camera, will it still work properly? I was afraid it would be the frame that broke and my mind crgstal whirring away at my warranty coverage — nope, I think that expired in November. Hi, I used these instructions to replace a hing for an Acer Travelmate First, under the battery, there are 7 small screws that hold the keyboard cover in place.

Hinges are not expensive and if crysral have nothing to lose, you can try replacing them. Yes, if it looks the same. Used as a guide to acer extensa 4620 crystal eye both broken hinges on my Travelmate LMI, having found this page laptop has had broken hinges for over a year, propped acer extensa 4620 crystal eye with DVD box set then went to search for replacement hinges, found them.

Is there any way ccrystal repair without replacement. The keyboard cover does not come out so easily. I have an acer extensa z and it the top plastic casing is complty broken where can i go to get the front and back cover of the lcd casing and i need the screws too…is there any place in particular?