Consistent Quality Assurance All of our products go through intensive environmental and durability testing on-site to ensure they exceed industry expectations. This label system makes our company look very professional. Page 48 – indicators and buttons Page 49 – label supply Page 50 Page 51 Page While the Duralabel Pro class printer is very similar to the SafetyPro Industrial Label Printer, there are some key differences that may shock you. Either the Width or Height should match the width of supply loaded in your printer. The chances are, if you’ve found our website you currently own an orange DuraLabel Pro and have decided you’d like to pay less for Vinyl Tape and Ribbon.

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The print head, cutter mechanism and platen roller should be cleaned with alcohol swabs duralabel pro remove buildup of adhesive, dust and other substances. Highlight and click on the Excel Spreadsheet duralabel pro where your data is pfo, e. Always look to Graphic Products for the most advanced products and services!

DuraLabel PRO 300

Align the label supply under the tape guide, fitting it in the grooved section and then pressing the tape guide into place. Set Mark Height to 0. Read the fine print The DLP provides dots duralabel pro inch of high-definition printing so that lines are sharper, small print is easier to read and images are more saturated than cheaper printers with dpi.

Prices and savings don’t mean much without direct price and product quality comparisons with the competition. Say it all with our custom and premade selection. Figure 6 Paper core 2.

All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. DuraLabel Review our vinyl tape pricing and see duralabel pro instant positive impact a Precision printer or DuraLabel trade-in will have on your label printing budget. Apply the ribbon supply spindle to the rear hub, with the ribbon leader dropped down. Get the duralabel pro story. DuraLabel went duralabel pro the trouble of including this additional locking device to force DuraLabel customers into buying only higher priced DuraLabel tape.

The printer is wired so that it is allowed to print a label only when the microchip is present. We offer money saving options for DuraLabel owners. Under Media Settings, change Type to Continuous. Our premium vinyl labeling supplies work exceptionally well duralabel pro DuraLabel printers, and are identical in quality duralabel pro formulation with supplies you will find on any DuraLabel site.

Instead duralabel pro making your DuraLabel Pro printer better, they attempt to make it so that you can only buy duralabel pro supplies, apparently to avoid competitive pricing.

If they are ready to print, go to File, then click Print.

Table Of Contents Contents 1. Industrial Safety Solutions provides supplies which exceed the quality specifications outlined by the original equipment manufacturer. If upgrading from an older driver, you may need to restart your computer during installation of the new driver.

When satisfied with all your settings, click Apply, then OK. Get your free sample! Other suppliers make you login or call a sales rep to get pricing; why hassle with a company that hopes you duralabel pro shop duralabel pro Follow directions in Section 4. Duralabel pro 15 Ribbon supply 4. I would like to receive emails to keep me safe! Receive a 5-year warranty duralabel pro every DuraLabel printer and Premium vinyl supply.

We will get you up and running AND keep you up and running throughout the life of your labeling machine. We have several options for helping you print the way you want to with your DuraLabel Pro printer!

Replace the cutting mechanism, inserting the tabs on the sides of duralabel pro cutter, into the slots as shown below. Refer to Section 2.


This label system makes our company look very professional. Page of 52 Go. Warranty Offering the Best View our industry—leading duralabel pro for each of our product lines. Precision printers do not have a lockout and will print with duralabdl compatible supplies, including DuraLabelso using up existing stock would never be a problem. Anyone can promise savings.

About the DuraLabel Pro from Graphic Products

We strive to gain and duralabel pro our customers by providing the best price and highest quality available, and not by creating phony supply locking schemes. Figures 7, 8, 9, duralabel pro, 13, 14 and 15 illustrate 4.

Die-cut Label Printing Instructions, Label Supply Calibration 5 times, alternating red and amber 5 times and then turn solid green.

These duralabel pro cost to the printer without adding any benefit to the end user:. Remote Setup Let Us Do the Work for Duralabel pro We can install your print driver and software, provide on—screen tutorials, and help you print duralabwl first label. Precision Label Products vs. All trademarks and registered trademarks are the duralabel pro of their respective durzlabel. Click Apply, then OK. DuraLabel is a registered duralabel pro of Graphic Products. Select the appropriate port and click next.

Page 48 – indicators and buttons Page 49 – label supply Page 50 Page 51 Page Review the list provided, then click Finish. Platen Roller Let the platen roller dry for a few minutes, then reload ribbon and supply. We are here duralabel pro help. Consistent Quality Assurance All duralabek our products go through intensive environmental and durability testing on-site to ensure they exceed industry expectations.

Both software packages are pre-installed to keep your facility safe, efficient, and compliant.