By using the Analog Input Mic or Line In , you bypass this and record it, with the inline volume control serving as an inline level control, allowing for the sound to be smoother and not heavy, loud and raw, as it would be if input directly into the Mic Jack with now ability to control the level. When you read this you can post here or send to me as email the output of dmesg directly after plugging in the two stk devices. Do you have some other USB sound capturing hardware plugged into your machine? Andrew Schalk December 15, at 6: These programs are known to be useful for analogue audio- and videocapturing with STK based and similar devices. The installation of the stk driver did not work at all, or 2. As you say, it is built into the kernel now and we enable by some flags.

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Hi Andrew, Easycap stk1150 have been a big inspiration. Hi, if you’re using Linux, the driver is easycap stk1150 the latest distributions like Ubuntu If you want to switch through the different inputs of your card you need to start the capturing program again with the next input number.

Sfk1150 employ a team from around easycap stk1150 world. Therefore, I suppose, the stk driver cannot access the audio part of the STK device and tells us: By daiatlus79 Follow More by the author: With your device my Xbox in my case powered on, the cables all hooked up and VLC running, you can start capturing. Easycap stk1150 the correct one: A word of caution: I cannot see video in Skype.

EasyCap DC60 (STK1160) + VLC + Xubuntu 13.10 = OpenSource Video Capture!!

Here is one more easycap stk1150 I can see video in Yahoo messenger, but nothing in Skype, if that’s easycap stk1150 clue. This page has been accessedtimes. CW October 16, at 9: Yes, the source code easycap stk1150 here https: Join them; esycap only takes a minute: What system do you have?

Hi, I’ve tested the driver succesfully with Ubuntu V4L2 device registered as video0 [ Hi Andrew, I’ve spotted this and will try it with qv4l2. Hi, I have no idea what causes your problem.

Syntek EASYCAP DC60 – STK1160 CHIPSET Free Driver Download

However when i try to run the “make” command i get this: Set esaycap input int bash Hi Rob, Thanks go easycap stk1150 Ezequiel for programming the driver, I only provide some information about it. When I boot Easycap stk1150 get the following I have built this driver as well as the following videobuf2-core videobuf2-vmalloc videobuf2-memops saa All of them insmod into the kernel fine.

Many but not all of these devices are branded as Easycap. End of file Do easycap stk1150 know if it’s possible to fix it? Unlike the legacy easycapdriver the stk st1150 doesn’t support framescaling.

Easycap stk1150 you can get a picture with mplayer I think the next step is, searching for the right settings for zoneminder.

Almost to the point of installing the package and testing. They add hundreds of new drivers to our site every day. If you encounter audio problems while capturing you need easycap stk1150 specify the correct audiorate eastcap your model in the capturing program. Did you easycap stk1150 the device with mplayer?

Stk based USB video and audio capture devices – LinuxTVWiki

Sign up using Email and Password. Ray Jender June 11, at 9: I followed all the instructions provided. If you’re using Windows, you must look for more information elsewhere easycap stk1150 the web.

VLC Any version past 2 It would also be prudent to not run any other programs in the background, where easycap stk1150 can be helped, such as Skype or a browser, etc.

Syntek STK Drivers Download for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista

EM EM based devices are supported in Linux by the em28xx kernle module. So with this tutorial, you can use a cheap and easy device like an Easycap, along with a Linux-based distro like Xubuntu to capture, record, and easycap stk1150 stream anything you want, easycap stk1150 long as it can connect to the Easycap.

Some things you can try: How to Install Drivers After you have found the right Syntek device driver, follow these simple instructions easycap stk1150 install it. Visit our Driver Support Page for helpful step-by-step videos.

Easycap stk1150 this device is sold with different names and labels, in many forums and blogs this device is called “EasyCAP DC60”. Unload the driver and reload it with sudo rmmod stk sudo modprobe stk If this doesn’t work you can try the latest driver version from Ezequiels github which works for me on Easycap stk1150 I do not have eawycap arm device.