The color is faded or washed-out. Make sure that all pins if you have any are straight and not bent. Do you think that the onboard video chip is broken? Have you tried reconnecting the video cable on the back of the LCD screen? The left portion of the screen works fine.

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The diagnostics clearly say that LCD, inverter, sony vaio vgn-cs110d are all fine. Sounds like a problem vail the LCD screen. I forgot to mention that the screen goes dim every couple of minutes as well. When I moved the display the wire was touching the metal hinge and the backlight was turning off.

Thanks for your advice. In that moment, the laptop still works because the image for example a screen saver sony vaio vgn-cs110d shows on the vgn-cs110r display. Did you unplug the connector by edges or pulled the harness? Could it be the mother board or the screen inverter?

Does the vertical strip changes location, color or width? I also hook my laptop to an external monitor and the image was good so i know is not the Video Card.

This site is very interesting. Every few reboots it will fix itself for one or two reboots. Any suggestions on cause and fix for the problem.

If I invest in a new motherboard, what are the odds this happens again in another year? I have a Toshiba Satellite AS That sony vaio vgn-cs110d have been a mistake. Satellite a had it since late jan. To me it looked like Northern Lights never seen in real life: When I close sny screen and reopen, the computer restores and screen is fine.

When I turn the extend feature off, the laptop screen goes back sony vaio vgn-cs110d normal. So far, this seems to be the best place to look for answers! I drop my laptop and crack my screen about 5 month sony vaio vgn-cs110d. I can reproduce the effect by using the gradient tool in photoshop and sliding the near black part of a gradated image to the right side of the screen.

If is possible, please send me a pic with a lid close switch positionor sony vaio vgn-cs110d me where can i find it. If yes then most likely you have a bad screen.

Could anyone please help me. After reading through all the posts here I guess my question is, even though it had the pink hue which points to a CCFL vwio, since it now is very dim vio you think it is a CCFL issue or sony vaio vgn-cs110d inverter issue? I think you were right, probably just a loose cable as the connection to the LCD itself does not feel that secure.

Fixing bad video on LCD screen

As soon as I applied some tension to the screen it changed the pattern. There r lot of horizontal lines that appear on the lcd and the whole display looks inverted and out of focus. Does anybody have any idea what is causing this and how i would go about fixing it. I am very afluent at working on desktop pcs, but never taken a sony vaio vgn-cs110d apart. The result is the laptop completely turns off constantly. One of my users has an Inspiron that is used mainly with an external monitor.

I turned it sony vaio vgn-cs110d.

Fixing bad video on LCD screen | Laptop Repair

Then the screen goes grey with a few white lines running horizontal across it. For about a day. Sony vaio vgn-cs110d also, how much does it cost to change the lcd. Sonyy, Can you see any faint image on the LCD? I think that when I put all screws on sides back in place, they stretched the screen somehow and made it work fine.