Allen Jones February 18, Now, I can barely barely! Is it possible the one I bough online is faulty? I have had a dim display through all of this that can be seen using a flashlight. I can kind of see some icons when I boot in safe mode. Cid January 19, This area is near the cable and the Green circuit board.

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I want to know which it is before i shell out the money thanks. I did all updates, system and drivers, but no joy.

Toshiba Equium, screen replaced as it got damaged. Allen Jones February 18, However, since sony vaio vgn-fe11h was my first crack at fixing a laptop, I am more inclined to think I damaged the cable sony vaio vgn-fe11h worse something on the system board, because I forgot to take the battery out vyn-fe11h. Lessie September 1, Could i use CCFL from other notebook? But anyway our web store may be particularly interesting for an end user of home appliances as well.

Hello, think i have similar problem as described higher. When starting up i can see a bare glimmer of light in the screen, then black screen.

Troubleshooting backlight failure | Laptop Repair

Check out if you can light up the backlight lamp inside the new screen. Jay July 4, I have only one backlight lamp I use for test. Al Green October 13, Thanks for the useful site. I fixed my LCD! First or all, check the lid close switch. So does this sound like a backlight issues I have dual lamps? Son cannot sony vaio vgn-fe11h which one sonny causing the problem because both parts fail very similarly. I assume sony vaio vgn-fe11h is no problem with image on the external monitor, right?

I connected the laptop to an external monitor and the display is FINE on the external.

Troubleshooting backlight failure

I tried applying pressure in various sony vaio vgn-fe11h mentioned on another message board but no luck. I ordered the inverter from ebay and got it today. When you are applying pressure on the keyboard, you actually applying pressure on the video cable connector. Aony out that my laptop while having the same symptoms described here but without the pink hue, behaves sony vaio vgn-fe11h i turn the brightness way down and watch it that way. If you could email the reply that would be great!

The metal part is just a reflector. I went through troubleshooting sonny cannot figure out why the laptop will not comply with the external monitor. This laptop came for repair because of the LCD screen backlight failure. Try sony vaio vgn-fe11h part combination: Please help me, is it soyn backlight problem or something else? Bad backlight lamp less likely.

Now that I think about vgn-f11h, it makes sense that the sony vaio vgn-fe11h from the video card needs to match the LCD panel. I think your problem could sony vaio vgn-fe11h related to one of the following: Works fine on external monitor. Also, if your laptop has lid close button, try tapping on the button a few times. Last year the LCD light began flickering and I could hear a faint high-pitched noise.

Secondly, the screen is dimmer than on my other laptop that I own by quite a bit. This area is near sony vaio vgn-fe11h cable and the Green circuit board. Gordon March 23, After reading up on many sony vaio vgn-fe11h, i figured i had inverter problem since my lcd was dim to the point where i couldnt see anything. I have a HP Pavilion. Sony vaio vgn-fe11h I connect the laptop the external monitor, it is no problem to display to external display.

I had it running for a few minutes without doing anything, and then suddenly it went dark again. With our help, your equipment will function properly! When returned now one USB port not functioning. I have a 1. After replacing it, i noticed that the laptop works fine for few 2 seconds and then goes dim again.

I have a dv pavilion laptop and the screen sony vaio vgn-fe11h completely black ,I cannot even see any faint images. Customer service online chat just told me I needed to replace the display assembly part … but yikes! I have a workhorse Dell Inspiron laptop with a very recent issue. Make sure the video cable is properly plugged into the connector on the screen.

The upper 2 thirds are working fine. The monitor does not sony vaio vgn-fe11h apart like the caio in your demonstration. All my study documents are on the laptop, and using the desktop monitor seems to slow the speed of my laptop considerably.

Thank you so much. Do you think it need to replace LCD screen or light bulb.